Frequently Asked Questions


I’m based in the north of Lincoln and happy to journey further afield however there may be additional travel costs depending on the location.

Photography is not my full time profession however is something I enjoy and have begun to take more seriously in recent years.

Engagement Photography

  • I’d recommend you wear something that you’re comfortable in and that makes you feel like you – if you’re comfortable this will help you relax in front of the camera and result in more natural photos.
  • Wearing layers or having an accessory with you can be beneficial to give subtle variety to your photos.
  • Decide on your outfit ahead of time so you’re not rushing at the last minute and consider the shoot location when choosing.
  • Your outfits should complement each other but not match.

Wedding Photography

I carry spares for all my core equipment so if something fails I have a backup.  My camera records simultaneously to two memory cards so again if one were to stop working your pictures are still safe on the other one.