Frequently Asked Questions

What if your camera / equipment fails?

How long will it take before our photos are ready?

I carry spares for all my core equipment so if somethings fails I have a backup. My cameras record simultaneously to two memory cards so again if one were to stop working your photos are still safe on the other one.

Couples and engagement are usually 1 - 3 weeks.

Weddings are usually 4 - 8 weeks.

Do you do photography full time?

Where are you based / do you travel?

Photography is not my full time profession however is something I enjoy and have begun to take more seriously in recent years.

I'm based in the north of Lincoln; I'm happy to journey further afield however there may be additional travel costs depending on the location.

What kind of equipment fo you use?

Will all the photos be edited?

I work with Canon camera equipment. The camera bodies are R5 along with an assortment of fixed lenses.

All photos will be edited in my style, consistent with what you see on this website. You will receive both colour and black and white high resolution copies.

Do you offer a discount?

Can we order an album?

If you are a Blue Light Card holder you can get 15% off any of my packages.

Yes, there's nothing better than seeing your photos in print. On delivery of your photos via secure online gallery there is the option to purchase an assortment of print products including albums.